Specialist Timber Treatments

Understanding the different types of timber rot is vital for property owners; if you miss the signs that your timbers have been affected then it could have some devastating effects! Rot is a serious problem and one that needs to be dealt with fast and effectively by a specialist.

How is it caused?

As temperatures rise, excess moisture in the air will begin to condense and latch itself onto your timbers, causing wet rot to develop.

Equally, if your timbers dry out too much when spring shifts into summer your timbers may develop dry rot.

If these issues aren’t picked up in the beginning stages, the problem can become quite hard to treat, which may result in you completely replacing your timbers – which you definitely don’t want to be doing!

The different types of symptoms.

There are different types of timber rot, each displaying different symptoms. Here are some of the main indications of dry and wet rot.

Dry Rot Symptoms

  • Your timbers giving off a strange odour
  • They will look dry, brittle and start to crumble when touched
  • Give off excessive dust clouds

Wet Rot Symptoms

  • Timbers are discoloured, usually becoming a lot darker
  • Soft or spongy feel when touched
  • Timbers aren’t straight anymore
  • A damp and musty smell

What we recommend…

If timbers in your property have been neglected for a few years, or never been treated before, they can develop some nasty issues that can be costly.

Ongoing damp and wet conditions provide the ideal environment for destructive rots to form, causing widespread damage and decay to the timbers within your property!

We recommend that you should get your timbers inspected at least twice a year, once at the beginning of winter and then again at the beginning of spring. These seasons are the most likely time that your timbers will develop issues due to the shift in weather conditions.

If you think your home may have this problem, get in touch.

If you’re having trouble understanding the different types of timber rot or come across any timber rot issues, then don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re experts in repairs and have experienced structural engineers that are more than happy to help.